Bachelors project


Volatilis is a short film about the wandering mind and the fleating nature of daydreams. 

It shows visualizations of thoughts and ideas that manifest around the protagonist while she wanders through the city. They become more clear, more connected and almost form a cohesive picture until the protagonist is ripped from that dreamlike state when she stops the music.


The short was created as my Bachelors project over the course of four months, using resources mostly provided by the Fakultät für Gestaltung at Hochschule Mannheim.

Shooting in the inner city of Mannheim was a lot of fun and gave me a new appreciation for the hidden beauty of this place, wich is often regarded as grey and ugly.

The 3D models were all created in Cinema 4D. The style was inspired by shows such as Adventure Time, and the color palette was created to match the visual aesthetics commonly associated with the style of music used in the short. All this was mixed with an industrial steampunk look to integrate the models into the city background.